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Design Strategy, UX, UI & Visual Design


HCX & Automotive teams at Amazon

Identified and owned design problems end to end, from discovery to execution for programs within Hardlines Customer Experience & Automotive teams. Leveraged my deep understanding of Amazon’s design systems to turn complex user journeys into elegant responsive experiences for our customers as well as conducting regular usability studies to validate existing designs & new ideas. 

Specification Based Shopping

SBS helps its customers find the right products that rely on multiple specifications rather than brand name or part number. In these cases, search does not understand what customers are looking for and either returns irrelevant results, or cannot match any results to return. The current CX on web includes a widget that allows the user to select the product type as well as filter the search results using relevant refinements. It works well on web but has been unsuccessful on mobile since the real estate is limited and requires large no of refinements to be presented in less amount of space. I conducted UX research to understand current user behavior on mobile, identified pain points and redesigned the widget on mobile.

Screen Shot 2023-01-29 at 8.22.43 PM.png
03 SBS.png

Amazon Confirmed Fit

Redesigning the way customers find compatible parts to products on Amazon. The new UI allows the user to input a specific device they already own For Eg : A camera or a printer and find lenses or toners that are compatible with devices that they own. 

See all compatible products with Search, Sort & Filter.png
Ink & Toner.png

FIFA World Cup 2022

Launched a World Cup specific PCIP(Personalized Customer Interest Page) to support the 2022 Men’s FIFA World Cup. The experience supported shopping, static content placements, Pick a Winner, and interest confirmation experiences.  

Group 272.png
Group 271.png
Group 286.png
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